Changes to Listener Calls

Starting this week (#93) we will be making some changes to how we handle listener calls. Both to better integrate them with the show and to solve some issues with them.

Starting this week (#93) we will be making some changes to how we handle listener calls. Both to better integrate them with the show and to solve some issues with them.

Requesting a Call

In the past, call requests were typically made via. email after a request for callers during recording. The calls were then grouped together at the end of the show. Overlap with interviews proved to be an issue for people who wanted a call about other things.

Under the new protocol you may pre-request a call anytime during the week – most requests will probably still be within 24 hours of recording, but it’s nice to have the option of requesting earlier.

Once received your call request will be added to the agenda. If you tell us about changes later in the week, or cancel, the agenda will be changed to match – additions/changes will usually happen during the next agenda update.

In addition, calls can now take place throughout the show; falling into three categories:

Main Show Calls
Calls that fit as part of the main show – such as those about an item under Releases & Updates or Media Blitz – will default to happening during the relevant section. You may opt-out of this, instead being called as part of Misc Calls.
Interview Calls
Specifying the interview as your call topic will place your call towards the end of the interview. Allowing you to talk with the interviewee/s and ask questions.
Miscellaneous Calls
All other calls – including those requested during recording – will be grouped together in this section. It may be before or after the interview, depending on time available and the number of misc calls, but will be clearly seperated.

As before, you should email to request a call. However, you may now use the agenda comment thread instead. Skype username can be given when reconfirming on the day. Requesting via. the agenda isn’t advised on the day of recording, but should be fine anything over 16 hours before.

Reccomended Request Format

Email Title: “CALL REQUEST: [Name and/or Nickname]”

First Name: —— (published, optional)
Nickname: —— (published)
Skype Username: —— (not published)
Steam Community URI: —— (not published, optional)
May be used to contact you.

A Profile or Portfolio URI: —— (published, optional)
Your nickname will link to it, can be a portfolio, your Steam Community profile, ModDB profile, etc.

Project/Thing: (published, optional)
Linked after your name, shortened name appreciated if full name is quite long.

Name: ——
Short Name: —— (optional)
URI: —— (optional)

Topic/s: (partially-published)
If multiple topics given, treated as an ordered list with most preferred at top.

1. My experience with Alien Swarm
2. Media Blitz > Perfection – News Update.
3. I want to pimp my mod, Gordon’s Trip to the Optician.

Reconfirming on the Day

Because calls can be requested throughout the week, it seems like a good idea to reconfirm them on the day. To do so just message me (Nic) via. Steam – I usually arrive in the group chat room 1-2 hours before recording begins, so it should be easy to find me.

As mentioned above, you can still request a call during pre-show or recording. Doing this negates the need to reconfirm, but also greatly diminishes the chance of being called as part of the main show.

Potential Problems

Because calls can now take place during the main show, the confusion caused by the delay of the audio stream will likely be increased. In an attempt to combat this I’ll post the final agenda in the comment thread of the rough agenda before recording begins each week. I’ll also try to give people a warning via. Steam before we call them.

William’s trips to Windsor usually make listener calls difficult, which could result in a waste of any time spent requesting a call or preparing for it. The only way I can think of working around this is for William to inform you as early in the week as he can if his schedule is going to conflict with listener calls.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

In summary, you can now pre-request a call anytime during the week of an episode and just reconfirm with Nic on the day. Calls can now happen throughout the show, although there will still be a section towards the end of the show for miscellaneous calls.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that I left something out, but I’m not sure what. I’ll read over it in the morning and see if anything comes to mind.

Added a reccomended request format, to make it easier to process them. Making some kind of form people can just fill in would probably be a good idea.