Audio And Video Comments!

You can now add audio and video comments to all the posts on Podcast 17.

So, it’s now possible to add audio and video comments here on Podcast 17. It makes sense because it’s a podcast and all about audio.

Please use this post to test the system and be aware that we will be making the layout look much prettier over the coming weeks.

To use this new feature you only require a modern browser and Flash installed.

There are two links that are just above the white, comment text area. One is for video and audio and the other for audio only.

Simply click your choice and follow the simple instructions.

After you have finished you have the option of re-recording, so don’t worry about making mistakes.

Don’t worry if the video doesn’t seem to work immedaitely because it seems to take a little time to appear correctly to the original poster.

You can even use this feature to post listener questions. Please post your question in the latest podcast and we will add it in the next transmission.

Please remember this is a family site and we reserve the right to delete any audio or video comments that contain offensive language.

Think Tom and Jerry not South Park!

Have fun and please tell us what you think.

Please Note

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General Contact

If you want to contact us about anything related to Podcast 17 please use the contact link in the header menu. Alternatively email: feedback [at] podcast17 [dot] com

What to appear on the show?

Please direct your message to William, who is in charge of guest scheduling. He can be contacted via the contact page in the header menu. Alternatively email: feedback [at] podcast17 [dot] com

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