Mumble Voice Server

We now have a 20 slot Mumble voice chat server – for those of you who’ve never heard of Mumble, it’s a VoIP voice client like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak.

We now have a Mumble voice chat server ― for those of you who’ve never heard of Mumble, it’s a VoIP voice client similar to Ventrilo or TeamSpeak.

The server has 20 slots and is hosted in London by Multiplay. We’ll increase the slots when needed, as with the live stream.

You can download the client at the Mumble project page or wiki. Once installed you’ll be asked to go through a brief audio wizard, and to generate a certificate for user authentication.

A self-signed/generated certificate is the easiest and will work with our server. The Mumble wiki strongly advises at least a Class 1, but it’s entirely up to you.

Once you’ve done that, and on any future launches, you will be greeted by the Server Connect window. The quickest way to connect to our server is by adding it as a favourite, to do this click the “Add New…” button and use the following information:

  • Servername: Podcast 17 (or whatever you want)
  • Address:
  • Port: 2812
  • Username is what you will be called on the server.
  • Password: podcast17 (asked for on first connect)

Once connected, we ask that you hit Self > Register in the top menu. This will have the server associate that name with your certificate, preventing name theft and allowing us to assign user groups/permissions to you.

If you’re familiar with Ventrilo and/or TeamSpeak, you should find Mumble easy to pick up. However, if you do run into any problems or have any questions feel free to post a comment here or contact William directly (Steam: cubicvirtuoso / Email:

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Update on Jan 3 @ 02:48 UTC: Hiro warns that Punkbuster may pick up the Mumble in-game overlay as a potential cheat and kick you. As far as I know the same applies to Ventrilo and TeamSpeak overlays, so this shouldn’t come as a shock if you’re familiar with those.

If you experience this problem, or want to avoid it, the overlay can be disabled in Configure > Settings > Overlay.

5 Responses to “Mumble Voice Server”


I just got a friend to have me use TS3, and I’m a Ventrilo fanboy… now Mumble? I never even heard of this? I’ll check it out but may I ask… why Mumble?

William’s answer to someone else yesterday was along the lines of “Originally because it was less than half the price, but after using it: because it’s better than both combined” ― referring to the hosted price, Mumble and Murmur (its server) being open source and free.

I agree with him, but only have basic experience with TS3 (also a Ventrilo fanboy). He prefers TS3 over Ventrilo and assures me Mumble is better.