Minecraft Donations

Our minecraft server is lagging! We need some donations so we can purchase a dedicated through multiplay.co.uk.

Minecraft is fun!!! You know the feeling, building a near perfect castle, spending countless hours digging, hiding in holes from creepers!!! Minecraft isn’t fun when it’s laggy and this is why we need your help!

The current Minecraft server is hosted by William on his local machine and tends to lag after it is populated with more than three people… this is an issue as we have many Minecraft subscribers here at Podcast 17. We aren’t talking 150ms latency over 100ms latency, we are talking up to 3 min delays!! This can make for a very frustrating atmosphere. To top it all off our current Minecraft server isn’t 100% up 24/7, as William has to reboot his machine every now and then and do some pretty CPU intensive things (like play Arma 2 and edit/record the podcast). We don’t mind hosting it locally, it’s just the lag that is unbearable!

So once again, we need your help! Our proposed idea is to buy a Minecraft server from multiplay.co.uk and locate it in London England. The multiplay servers come preloaded with hMod and soon Bukkit; not to mention they will be blazing fast.

The issue with purchasing a Minecraft server is that it would cost us 120$ a year for 8 slots… William proposes that if the Podcast 17 group can donate at least 60$ USD he will pay the remaining 60$ (of course more is welcome). This means 6 people only have to donate 10$… or 12 people 5$… or … well you get the point! Of course we will keep the local server running until we reach our goal, but hopefully that’s sooner rather than later!

Donations can be sent via PayPal to cubicvirtuoso@gmail.com or you can click this handy-dandy button they generated:

We thank you for your support of Podcast 17!

Update by Nic on Jan 10 @ 01:18 UTC: The donation target was reached in under 20 minutes; continued donations could help us to increase the slot count or carry over to next year’s server costs.

It’s around $15 USD to add a slot.

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