Event: ArmA 3 Interview with Ivan Buchta

On July 14th, 2012 (see right) we will be interviewing Ivan Buchta, Creative Director at Bohemia Interactive, about ArmA 3.

Where to Listen

The interview will be streamed live over our YouTube channel at the time of recording.

We've also posted an event to our Steam Group for those that want a 10 minute warning before the interview starts.

Community Questions

During the interview we'll ask a number of community questions from those submitted over the past week. Questions can no longer be submitted.

Recording Time

Additional Timezones

USA & Canadian Timezones

  • Los Angeles, PDT Sat at  7:00am
  • Denver, MDT Sat at  8:00am
  • Chicago, CDT Sat at  9:00am
  • New York, EDT Sat at 10:00am

European Timezones

  • London, BST Sat at  3:00pm
  • Lisbon, WEST Sat at  3:00pm
  • Madrid, CEST Sat at  4:00pm
  • Athens, EEST Sat at  5:00pm

Australian Timezones

  • Perth, WST Sat at 10:00pm
  • Darwin, CST Sat at 11:30pm
  • Brisbane, EST Sun at 12:00am