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Screw the gameplay footage, Stephen Merchant doing the Wheatley voice acting is way more exciting!

Also Riot Games counter files trademark for DotA – http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/08/17/riot-games-dev-counter-files-dota-trademark/

Just for posterity: DotA-Allstars LLC filed the trademark, not Riot Games: http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=85103669
Most of the major news outlets seem to have overlooked the ‘ in the PC Gamer heading. Reading it as “The Developer Riot Games” instead of the intended “A Developer at Riot Games”. Guinsoo and Pendragon are high up in Riot, hence the strong link, but filed it as DotA-Allstars, LLC.

Also, based on the PC Gamer interview, they are as excited as everyone else to see what Valve comes up with and are planning no legal opposition to the DOTA filing. So the conflict that most people are reporting about is pretty much non-existent.

Oh! A reaccuring theme on this show is Multiplayer games losing players. This happens for the many reasons you have discussed (again and again, both the fault of us, the consumer, as well as the developers) but Insurgency still has a huge following. This could be because of steamworks, even though Diprip (whatever its called) has steamworks and only has like 2 Finns who play it still, or you could say its because its original and good. Really good. We all have played this, I’m sure, and we all know about it, so what do you think sets it apart, and keeps its community alive? I would love to see more developers Take notes from the professionalism of the Ins team.

We’ve had some positive response from the community about this article written by our staff member, Pi Mu Rho about the SDK. http://www.halflife2.net/2010/08/16/sdk-soul-destroying-kit/

It’s event stirred many of the regulars from interlopers.net to support the call for improvements. Steam group – http://steamcommunity.com/groups/better_sdk

The devs who listen to this show I’ve heard consistently echo these thoughts too! If you’re interested in giving some momentum to the movement or have something to add then your support is welcomed.

Hopefully you can mention this, this week Billy.

Codename JMOD Media Release Update, including a podcast, couple of new pictures etc, this mod is a strange one, its had stolen media, strange PR, weird maps, but thats not my place, here is the update. Might be an interesting thing to talk about.


Selling stolen code is a sure sign of a great mod

Dude, the guy Holymac just hacked my account and archived Crypt, deleted all the videos and media, Holymac will be banned from moddb, ill have to reupload all the images and videos. :(

Dumb stupid holymac that gay troll.


[P17] William: what’s this about you archiving crypt without permission?
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: What
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: Oh
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: Well yea I wrecked crypt. long story, but I am in the slow process of having the name holymac ruined
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: With no reason…
[P17] William: seems that way.
[P17] William: why are you doing that?
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: Well, like I told dredile, I dont have a defiinite reason… Just a stupid move… i wasnt sure
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: Anyways modding for me is coming to a close, I ruined it all
[P17] William: ohhhkk…
[P17] William: yea well I hear you will be banned from modb.
[P17] William: *moddb
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: Probably
[P17] William: Not cool bro.
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: I know… well saddist part is
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: I dont know if he has ever done anything wrong..
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: Just randomly I hacked his account, and archived
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: Such a dumb excuse
[P17] William: yup it is. you should probably do something about that.
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: I know…
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: I already helped him get it back
[JM] Holymac and Cheese: Dave Traeger is un archiving
[P17] William: yea.

:( yep, sad thing, but he brought it on himself, i told him i wasn’t going to interfere with him being banned or anything. He will have to face the consequences for his actions.

That holymac guy has had it coming a long time. He’s vandalised the valve developer wiki, taken loads of stuff off fpsbanana and claimed it was all his own work, etc.

It’s about time that kid got banned.

No content is actually “deleted” from moddb. Its merely archived. Have the admins re-authorize the “deleted” media and you should be fine.

Well he deleted all the media THEN archived it, so im a little screwed there, unless there is a way to recover that.

you cant delete media from moddb. only an admin can.

Im guessing Henley is already fixing your problem anyways.