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Once again i bring up this new bold mod for HL2:DM.

A new WW2 mod with Tanks! for HL2 Source engine. That got to be a challenge with the view distance that HL2 maps usually can maintain with decent fps.

They made those tanks in hammer which means they’ll be laggy ans buggy as fuck

Not necessarily, but considering how difficult it is to get a coder, this should suffice for the moment.


In the Alien Swarm SDK, these are the options for info_node_hint

ThEP3 Blob — Indescribable… Indestructable! Nothing can stop it!

Could you ask Valve when they are gonna release Source SDK Base 2009 for modders? And discuss the difference between:
Source 2006
Source 2007
Source 2009

And which games/mods use which engine version etc…

We will probably get 2009 after Portal 2 is released… Then everyone will want the 2011 SDK Base because of the dynamic lighting…

I hope they just release an overhauled SDK when Portal 2 comes out. If they dont, Im moving to UDK after SHIFT is finished.

The 7 year Cycle, a piece about gaming ages and archive promotion:

Rainmeter and a Half-Life 2 style desktop, get your desktop to look like Half-Life 2 in-game:

HL2 Jailbreak, only for players who MUST play everything:

Phillip, will you be trying out Alien Swarm? You said yourself (I’m paraphrasing here) you wanted to see how Valve are upgrading their engine and what we can expect in Episode 3. Since you’re still yet to try out L4D2, may I suggest you give Alien Swarm a shot? Sure it’s multiplayer, and you’ll definitely hate it. But you can really get a sense of what capabilities they’re rolling into the engine.

After the shader improvements and huge AI navigation improvements in L4D1, incredible atmospheric weather effects in L4D2, finally we get to see full dynamic lighting first hand in Source, (which is a huge deal), plus dynamic timescale events like slow motion, depth of field.. probably other stuff I can’t think of now too.

Really Alien Swarm is just as much a tech demo as it is a free game. From a developer standpoint this totally brings Source back into the competition against more capable engines like Crytek and Unreal. The future is exciting again.

Mangley, I hadn’t planned to but if I get a chance this weekend, I’ll give it a try and see what happens.

Don’t do it, Phillip…it’s a trap!! We need you to learn Hammer and make an amazing Half-Life 2 mod instead!! Something to strengthen viewership on PP, instead of the slow-mutant march of Portal maps…where are all the Half-Life 2 maps? O Discordia, O lost!!