The P17 staff consists of Core Hosts, they always receive priority when they can come on; Regular Hosts, they’re managed based on how recently they’ve been on and who else can come; and Support Staff, that’s whatever Nic does.

Core Hosts

William “CubicVirtuoso” McMahon

Birthed full grown with facial hair asking when Sven-Coop 4 would be released, William has been a member of the half-life community for a long time, starting as a writer/editor at he then moved to internet broadcasting. He has worked with many broadcasting outlets including GameBroadcasting Live, GameSurge Radio, GamesNet Radio, and GamersUnited with BlueWolf72 from ModDB.

Podcast 17 is Williams brain-child and he does the bulk of the work – scheduling guests, editing the podcast and much of the public-relations work. He considers himself a Half-Life historian, but is always willing to learn.

William is in charge of scheduling guests and interviews, so please direct appearance enquiries towards him. Either email feedback [ at ] or contact cubicvirtuoso on steam.

Phillip “PlanetPhillip” Marlowe

Phillip is the webmaster and owner of a number of Valve related websites. Most notably, a website dedicated to listing and reviewing every single player map and mod released for the Half-Life series of games. (Phew, that’s a mouthful!)

Phillip aided William immensely during the inception of Podcast17; unfortunately due to other reasons he doesn’t have much more time to commit to the show. He is occasionally featured as a special guest, but during the earlier episodes he was on every show. He considers himself a bad player and one day hopes to learn to map and release something worth playing! He also provides voice acting for all who ask, assuming it’s a single player Half-Life related mod.

Regular Hosts

Two or three of these guys come on each week. We prioritize based on how often they’ve appeared during the previous few episodes in an effort to keep it evenly spread.

  • Dave “Henley” Traeger – Editor Overlord of ModDB
  • Glenn “Hectic Glenn” Lawrence – Lead Editor,
  • Aaron (Bluewolf72) – Too many things to list, he tweets a lot and often runs competitions.
  • Emanuel – He loves cars. He loves cars lots.
  • Thomas (Editor321) – Half-Life Creations, which provides free hosting to a number of projects.
  • Patrick (foxholeboy) – Primary host of Machinima Corner.
  • Nick (Bluefire) – Coder for In Development, Left 4 Dead addict.
  • Andy (AndY) –
  • Josh (Caboose) –
  • Jon (Tyk-Tok)
  • Shawn (deadrawkstar) –
  • Vic –

Support Staff

The support staff help out but don’t often take part in the show.

  • Gerardo (thelastlambda) – Public relations.
  • Nic – Multiple roles.

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