Podcast 17 is a weekly audio show in which William and a selection of co-hosts discuss mods and news from the Valve/Half-Life sphere.

Core topics of interest include:

  • Valve news and updates relating to Valve’s games.
  • Interesting releases, updates, and media releases from Half-Life (GldSrc) and Half-Life 2 (Source) modifications.
  • Interesting articles relating to either the week’s mod news or Valve and their games.


The P17 staff consists of Core Hosts, they always receive priority when they can come on; Regular Hosts, they’re managed based on how recently they’ve been on and who else can come; and Support Staff, that’s whatever Nic does.

A full list of staff can be found on the staff page.


During each week we collect news from a number of community sources, updating the agenda as we go. You can also send us news by posting a comment on the agenda page, emailing news [ at ] podcast17.com or placing it within an @podcast17 tweet.

Once confirmed the recording time is added to the agenda, posted as an event on our Steam Community group and tweeted.

The show is recorded using a combination of Skype and CallBurner. During recording we stream live on our SHOUTcast server, which is provided by our benefactors over at Halflife2.net. A brief guide for new listeners can be found at the Live Stream information page.

Editing usually takes place some time on Monday. This involves running the audio through Levelator then making any cuts and applying some post-production effects with Adobe Audition before finally tagging with mp3tag. Timestamps are noted based on the final audio.

The shownotes are then polished and the episode is published here that evening and over at ModDB during the week.


The best way to get in touch with us is by sending an email to feedback [ at ]  podcast17.com. Please specify your reason for contacting us in the title or first few lines of the email.

If you are unable to get hold of us via. email, or if your need to contact us is urgent, the fastest way is often directly over Steam. Our account names can be found on the Podcast 17 Steam Group page.

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